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3 P's of Business

As an entrepreneur, you often get caught up in the day-to-day responsibilities of your role.

For instance, a key team member may not be available for work for a few days, a customer might ask about delayed delivery, or you might get a proposal for a potentially big deal.

However, how often do we get the time to check up on the 3 Ps of business?

Well, if you want your business to truly succeed, you certainly need to focus on three key variables: people, process, and product.

These three Ps provide the highest return for your efforts since they are the cornerstone for everything your business does.

So, try to take a few moments each day to step back from all the activity and see how well you are doing on the 3 Ps of business.

Are your people, processes, and products in alignment, or do you need to make some improvements?

Paying attention to these 3 Ps can surely keep you moving toward that all-important fourth P – Profit!

Remember, profit/prize/money; are all the end products of these 3Ps.

Focus on these, and rest everything will fall into place!

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