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  • Danish Wadhwa

5 “C’s” of Onboarding

“To retain, you must make sure you’ve engineered a strong kickoff process.” - Josh Nelson

Yes, building a productive, scalable, and committed team starts with providing new recruits with a great onboarding process, one that embodies your organization’s culture and prepares them for the journey ahead.

We at webdew follow the 5 “C’s” of Onboarding.

Compliance: Don’t make your new recruits spend their first day on the job filling out forms, get it done beforehand.

Clarification: Help them understand their roles and performance expectations while making them feel confident in your organization.

Confidence: Encouraging them to share themselves at work can immediately increase performance and retention.

Connections: Make them feel safe, accepted, and connected to their colleagues. For this, we at webdew follow a work buddy program.

Culture: Help them understand the values, norms, stories, and symbols of their new organization.

Remember, the higher up the scale from compliance to connection and culture that your organization can go, the more effective your onboarding program becomes.

So, does your organization have a strong Onboarding process?

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