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Choose your friends wisely!

In a world where we are born into our families, we don't pick – some of us get lucky to pick a second family for us- FRIENDS!

Born and brought up in a small town in Haryana, I spent my entire childhood with my parents advising me to be careful in selecting friends.

And what then seemed like a boring rant to me is now a mantra that I firmly abide by. Because, we often become like those around us, sometimes without even realizing it.

So, "choose your friends wisely" - the kind that will pick you up, motivate you, give you honest advice even when you don't want to hear it, and the ones who are your biggest cheerleaders.

And it's ok if you have only a few friends as long as they are your biggest support.

I've found mine. What about you? Are there any particular qualities you look for while making friends?

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