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Talent Acquisition is the heart of a company!

One of the hurdles that businesses often face is finding and retaining good people for their teams.

This happened to webdew a few months back.

For a team of just a little over 40, even a few resignations were alarming.

But did we let this get to our head or heart, for that matter? No.

What we did in this situation was we started pouring in more resources into talent acquisition.


Well, because Talent Acquisition is the heart of a company!

And since your team is the driving force behind your company’s success, finding the right people becomes all the way more crucial.

So, keeping this in mind, we now have a highly enthusiastic Talent Acquisition team of 5 members who work really hard to find the best talent possible!

And here we are, a happy and proud team of 55+ members!

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