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Don't let the fear of starting small stop you from making it big

When starting a business, it's natural to experience fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt, and I know it can be scary. But don't let the fear of starting small stop you from making it big.

Yes, I DO run a successful and thriving business today, but it didn't happen overnight.

It didn't just happen by launching a product and crossing my fingers.

When I first started webdew, we were a small company of only a few handfuls of people who designed posters.

Yes, you read that right! We designed POSTERS!

And look where we are today, providing multiple services, like website development, video production, HubSpot onboarding, and a lot more.

We grew by staying consistent in our efforts and working really hard for ourselves and our clients.

My point is it's okay to start small to set the foundation of your business. And once your business grows, you'll certainly attract the big numbers you desire.

All you need is to find the courage to take the first step and commit to your idea wholeheartedly.

So, how did you start your journey?

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